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Shelby Jane

April 28, 2022

How to Prep Your Wedding’s Getting Ready Space

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By far one of my favorite parts of a wedding day is the time spent at the getting ready space before all of the festivities begin. There’s so much excitement, anticipation, and emotion when you’re getting ready for your wedding and I love being able to capture these moments. With the anxiety that inevitably comes from your wedding day your morning of can feel a little overwhelming. To help with these feelings I decided that it would be helpful to walk through my top five tips for prepping your wedding getting ready space. Let’s get into it!

Bride having her hair and makeup done by her hair and makeup artists before her wedding

1. Planning Out Your Morning

There are a lot of moving parts that go into the morning of your wedding day, so it’s important for you to map out your plan for the morning so you get the day started off on the right foot. Working through your wedding day timeline with your photographer is a great place to start. As veterans of the wedding industry we as photographers have seen it all and will be able to help you work through any questions you have for your day.

Make sure to have a rough timeline and share it with your wedding party. Include things like when you want everyone to arrive, what time you’ll be eating, and when hair and makeup will begin. Having everyone on the same page and knowing where they need to be will help to keep your wedding morning running smoothly and keep you calm in your getting ready space.

Wife and bridesmaids mingle in their getting ready space as they prepare for the wedding day. The bride is wearing while while the others are all wearing orange

2. Choose Your Wedding Getting Ready Space with Intent

Look over your options.  If your venue has a getting-ready space that will be the easiest option but don’t feel the need to limit yourself if you have a particular vision in mind.  Other options include Airbnbs, hotels, friends or family members’ homes, and even your home if it is close enough to your venue.  Make sure wherever you decide to get ready has enough space for your wedding party to get ready without being on top of one another.  And if you and your significant other want to wait to see each other either at a first look or your ceremony you’ll want either a larger space or two separate locations to avoid crossing paths.

3. Pay Attention to Your Lighting

Lighting is SO important not only for your experience getting ready but also for all the artists involved on the morning of your wedding.  Photographers, videographers, hair and makeup artists, all of these people need as much natural light as possible to do their jobs well. When choosing your ready space be sure to be conscious of what the lighting situation is like, and once you’re in the space make sure that the blinds or shades are open to let in all that gorgeous natural light. Note that the color of your room and your carpet will also affect the lighting in the space. Avoid rooms with strong and bright colors as they can affect your skin tones in the photos.

Look for spaces decorated with a neutral color pallet, larger windows with natural light, and cooler-toned artificial light.

Groom and groomsmen all toast holding glasses of champagne while wearing all black tuxedos with bowties

4. Clean Your Space

Between getting ready, eating breakfast or lunch, champagne, and makeup, there will be a lot going on in your getting ready space before your wedding.  Right before your photographer and videographer arrive, I suggest having your wedding party gather their things and put them all together sort of tucked behind one of the beds in the room or just set aside.  This will remove any clutter that could take away from your images. It’s also nice to have a clean and clear space to get ready in, no need to trip over anything or sit on a tube of lipstick before your wedding day even begins!

Bride puts an earing on in front of a wood building while wearing her wedding dress
Bride smiles and holds a flower bouquet in front of a wood building

5. Have a Space for You

As you’re putting on your final touches, I recommend having a space where you can step away from the busy-ness of the morning and have some time to yourself.  Have your MOH or sibling come in with you to put on the final touches and give you a little bit of time alone before you continue on with the rest of your day. Having a set space for you to get some alone time is great if you’re feeling anxious while getting ready for your wedding day and can be a real game-changer.

Bridesmaids helping button up a brides wedding dress

Having the right getting ready space and set up before your wedding day is hugely important to start off your day on the right foot. Use these steps to guide you in making your decisions as you prep for your day! Go into your wedding day with a plan and you’ll be set for a day that you’ll be able to be present in and love every second of it. For more wedding day tips head over to my blog page.