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Shelby Jane

August 4, 2022

What to Look for When Hiring a Destination Wedding Photographer

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WHAT IS UP SJP COUPLES AND POTENTIAL COUPLES? If you’re thinking, wow this blog doesn’t really sound like Shelby, well, that’s because it isn’t. For this week’s blog post, Shelby is having guest writers for her post! Our names are Tanner and Marisa, we are blog writers, Marisa is a fellow wedding photographer, and most importantly, we are some of Shelby’s clients for the 2023 wedding year! In this blog we are going over ALL the ins and outs for booking a destination wedding photographer, why we chose Shelby to photograph OUR wedding, and what our experience has been like working with Shelby so far!

Looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer

With Marisa being a wedding photographer, and with the layout and location of our wedding day set up a little bit different from the traditional wedding day, we knew from the get-go we wanted to hire a destination wedding photographer. Tanner and I’s families live in two different states about 6 hours apart. Tanner grew up in Minnesota, and Marisa grew up right outside of Chicago. On top of that we are both super close to our families. So when choosing our wedding location we wanted to choose a location right in the middle of our two families. After looking we ended up finding the perfect venue in the Wisconsin Dells. With us all traveling for our wedding day, even if it is only 3-4 hours of travel, we wanted someone with experience and guidance on exactly what we would need to know when planning out our destination wedding.

Being a wedding photographer, and also getting married in August, Marisa knew that she wanted our wedding day timeline set up a little bit different from what is typically seen on a wedding day. We wanted to set up our day so that it was split between the two coolest parts of the day. That means having the ceremony in the morning and reception in the evening. Thus needed someone with experience in the form of split coverage. This is ALSO why we looked for a destination wedding photographer for our wedding day.

Why We Chose Shelby

As we were working with Shelby on her blogs for her website, we were definitely low-key creeping on all her galleries, and we really fell in love with the way she documents a wedding day. Going into our wedding we knew more than anything we wanted someone who could capture the overall feeling of our wedding day, along with a little bit of guidance when it comes to interacting in front of the camera. Her combination of candids, guided photos, and the way she tells the story of the wedding day is ultimately what sold us.

During our discovery call, Shelby went deep into what our experience would be like working with her. She loves to be your number one support as you plan out your wedding, and we have seen her show up time and time again in the couple of months we’ve had her as our photographer so far. Along with her client experience, her laid-back personality really just made our decision even easier. We knew she would fit in with the feel of our wedding day and add to the experience we plan to create!

Our Experience So Far

From the second we booked Shelby as our wedding photographer she has offered us ALL the assistance, and all the resources we could possibly need as we began planning our wedding. We added an engagement session to our wedding day, and she was on board, and ready to help throughout the entire planning process. Being a destination wedding photographer, her quoting process was BEYOND simple, and she was able to add on our wedding invoice and contract as soon as we decided to have one.

Our entire engagement session was so much fun. We honestly felt like we were just having fun, getting creative, and drinking beers with one of our best friends. We LOVE our engagement photos as do our family and friends, and the whole experience just got us more hyped for our wedding day.

What We’re Most Excited About for Working with Shelby

We are so excited to have Shelby as our photographer for our wedding! We want the focus of our day to be the experience and having the most amount of fun with the least amount of stress possible, and Shelby was the perfect choice to make that a reality. Marisa love’s to reach out to Shelby for her opinions on wedding planning details, Tanner is excited to feel at ease sipping beers and snapping photos with her on our wedding day. She’s down-to-earth, easy-going, easy to talk to, and obviously super talented! And with her experience as a destination wedding photographer, we knew she would be a great fit for our wedding plans. We’re so excited to enjoy our day and cannot wait to get our photos back to reminisce on the wedding day for years to come!

If somehow our 800+ word review wasn’t enough to convince you to book Shelby for your wedding day, go ahead and check out her SEVENTY-SEVEN google reviews and I’m sure you’ll be ready to fill out her contact form.