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Shelby Jane

June 30, 2022

The Best Midwest Airbnb Venues for Eloping

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Though the Midwest might not be what you think of initially when it comes to adventure elopements, there are SO many cool & scenic locations throughout the Midwest!  With the rise in popularity of smaller intimate weddings & more & more options when it comes to Airbnb, it makes sense that so many couples are opting for these types of locations over traditional venues.  In this blog, we will cover how to elope at an Airbnb, how to plan your intimate gathering, what to look for when planning your intimate event, & some awesome Airbnbs for small gatherings & “just the two of us” elopements.

How to Elope in an Airbnb

When planning to elope at an Airbnb, make sure to note if the Airbnb allows events & parties, or gatherings of more than 16 people.  When it comes to intimate weddings & elopements, lines do become blurred in terms of what is allowed & what isn’t allowed.  Because many elopements & intimate weddings do have less than 16 people, there are many homes that allow these types of “events” or intimate gatherings to still go on.  Here are some things to take into account when planning your intimate wedding.

Abide by the House Rules

When looking at your Airbnb listing, make sure to check out their house rules.  If they do not have any mention of parties & events then you should be good to go.  It’s always a good idea to check with the host to make sure though. 

The Following Rules are Typically on Every Airbnb Listing

Quiet Hours:  Quiet hours describe when it is acceptable to be loud throughout your stay.  Quiet hours are common for houses in residential areas & locations where noise could potentially disrupt the evenings of others. This rule is especially important if you plan to elope at an Airbnb with guests involved. The last thing you want is to feel like you have to limit your celebration on the night of your wedding!

Outside Guests: Outside guests are guests that may be attending your intimate day but are not spending the night at the house.  It is important to note that photographers, videographers, hair stylists, chefs, & any other wedding vendor you might need on your day will be considered an outside guests & will need to be approved.

Overnight Guests:  Overnight guests are the guests that are spending the night at the Airbnb.  These guests will be who make up the head count when booking the Airbnb.

The number of General Guests:  If you plan to have other guests outside of who will be staying overnight at the Airbnb you will need to get the number preapproved & abide by it.  If you do not follow these rules the Airbnb host will have the right to evict you from their premises at any point throughout your Airbnb elopement.

Transparency & Contracts

IF POSSIBLE consider having a contract outside of the host website with the host directly. This contract might include the exact number of guests & vendors you plan to have & setup details.  Transparency is key so make sure to have everything squared away prior to booking the Airbnb. When eloping at an Airbnb you are not having your wedding at a traditional wedding venue, so you will want to make sure document everything in terms of fees & contracts.

If There is Any Setup, Let Them Know

When planning to elope at an Airbnb, it’s important to let the host know of any setup that you would like to have as you will need to get approval from your host. This might include a DJ table, an additional food table, or any floral setup. If you’re having a large gathering you might even want to have a tent outside as well.  Like most venues & hotels, you will not be able to hang anything on the walls or on the exterior of the home. When planning, make sure everything you plan to decorate is freestanding & or has a surface to live on.

Elopement Vendors

As you begin to visualize your day you’ll want to also think through the vendors that will need to be present on the day of your wedding.  Typically for Airbnb elopements, there will be some sort of rental company for things like dinnerware & decorations.  Along with the rentals, a florist, hairstylist, photographer, & videographer are also super common vendors for Airbnb Elopements.

Try Out VRBO 

If you’re dreaming of getting married at an Airbnb but you’re hoping to have a few more guests, you might want to try VRBO. Unlike Airbnb, VRBO does allow their hosts to allow parties at their homes.  There is actually a search category you can select when looking at various VRBOs.  If you are looking to have closer to the 30 person range for your intimate wedding I highly recommend using VRBO to look for unique homes for your wedding day.  I have listed some of my favorites below.

Best Midwest Airbnb’s For Eloping

It is important to note when planning to elope at an Airbnb, as of June of 2022, Airbnb does not allow events.  When picking out an Airbnb for your elopement be sure to check in with the house rules & be sure what you’re planning fits within the guidelines. For super intimate days like many of my couples plan, their “event” does still fit in the guidelines for Airbnb.

These locations also work great as getting-ready spaces, private dinners spaces or other parts of your day outside of your reception.

The Best Airbnb’s for Elopement’s with Guests

If you plan to have an elopement with less than 16 people, these Midwest locations are great options for you!  When looking at your options on Airbnb’s website, with the new rules laid out by Airbnb, hosts are not allowed to have events in their spaces. You will want to abide by the rules & plan to have an intimate day with 14 guests outside of you & your partner.

**Please note that some of these locations are also listed on other websites such as VRBO or private rental sites. On these separate sites, you can find more information on house rules, you just might have to do a little digging.**

Happy Hour – LaFollette Tennessee

Photo of Happy Hour- Taken from Airbnb

This Airbnb can host 16 people & looks out over 200 feet of a private beach.  Have your ceremony looking over the water surrounded by your closest family & friends. Then celebrate with an intimate weekend filled with lake swims, boating, & bonfires.

The Lodge on the Hill – Sugarcreek Ohio

Photo of the Lodge on the Hill – Taken from Airbnb

If you’re planning to elope at an Airbnb & keep things simple, The Lodge on the Hill might be for you. Invite your 14 closest friends to this beautiful estate in Sugarcreek Ohio.  This GORGEOUS farm on 24 acres includes a pool & plenty of space to have some fun with loved ones & celebrate your wedding day.

A Frame of Center Hill Lake – Smithville Tennessee

Photo of A-Frame of Center Hill Lake – Taken from Airbnb

This modern A-frame in Smithville Tennessee is the perfect spot for a super intimate wedding day.  Invite your six closest friends & family members & plan a beautiful dinner & ceremony in this unique home.

Beach Front Villa on Miller Beach – Miller Beach Indiana

Photo of Beach Front Villa – Taken from Airbnb

Have your 14 closest friends & family out to stay at this beautiful lakefront villa in the Indiana Dunes.  Say I do on the lakefront at sunset & then celebrate with friends & family out on the patio looking out over the lake.

Midwest VRBO’s Perfect for Your Intimate Wedding or Elopement

Unlike Airbnb, you can actually find locations that can serve as more of an event venue.

Lakewood Farms Lakehouse – Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Photo of Lakewood Farms Lakehouse – Taken from VRBO

This BEAUTIFUL VRBO hosts events of up to 99 people & sleeps 36 people.  Host your intimate wedding during the day at the lake house, then spend the rest of the weekend surrounded by your closest family & friends. Take walks along the water, play games & cook great food in celebration of your marriage!

Gatlinburg Lodge – Gatlinburg Tennessee

Photo of Gatlinburg Lodge – Taken from VRBO

This VRBO is such an awesome space for your intimate Airbnb wedding.  The lodge sleeps 32 guests & has endless amounts of patio space overlooking gorgeous scenic views.  Spend a slow morning with your family sipping coffee & soaking in the views before you begin prepping for your wedding day! 

Woman Lake Beach House – Longville Minnesota

Photo of Woman Lake Beach House – Taken from VRBO

Host all your favorite people for an intimate wedding in Longville Minnesota.  With a game room, endless amounts of space, an indoor pool, & a lakefront view, you really can’t go wrong with this space.  Get married on the beach surrounded by your family & friends & spend the rest of the weekend celebrating!

Huge Nature House – Demotte Indiana

Photo of Nature House – Taken from VRBO

If you’re looking for a space to retreat into nature & really just spend some time with your loved ones as you tie the knot, this home in Demotte would be the perfect spot for your elopement.  This VRBO is the perfect for the outdoorsy couple who would prefer nature trails & a ton of space away from the rest of the world.

Elope at an Intimate Airbnb – Just the Two of You

If you & your partner are looking for something a little more intimate for your Midwest elopement, consider eloping at one of these Airbnbs.  For each of these Airbnb’s it is important to note that even with the elopement just being you & your partner, you will still have to ask for permission to involve a photographer or other vendors.  Some Airbnb’s do not allow commercial photography on their premises.  Also note that the listings below guest amount refers to the total number of people allowed at the Airbnb (including the couple).

If you want to keep things extremely intimate as well as document your day, I am ordained, meaning I would be able to legally conduct your ceremony while also documenting it.  If you plan to have your wedding in any of the following states you will need at LEAST one witness to be there as well: Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, & Wisconsin. 

Island View Cottages – Traverse City Michigan – 2 Guests

Photo of Island View Cottage – Taken from Airbnb

These little cottages are the perfect spots to escape with your honey & have an intimate Airbnb elopement.  Wake up early & walk the beach to elope just the three of us overlooking the water. We can spend the rest of the day exploring Traverse City & celebrating with all your favorite things.

Bearly Awake Cabin – Sevierville Tennessee – 4 Guests

Photo of Bearly Awake Cabin – Taken from Airbnb

Get married on a beautiful deck overlooking nature with your honey & your closest humans.  This Airbnb is BEAUTIFUL & fun at the same time. With the honeymoon-style heart-shaped tub, gorgeous views, & hot tub out on the porch, you really can’t go wrong.

Private Island Retreat Portage Lakes – New Franklin Ohio – 4 Guests

Photo of Private Island Retreat – Taken from Airbnb

These rustic cabins on a private island in New Franklin Ohio are the cutest little getaway for an intimate elopement. You are taken out to the islands by the host on a boat & will have the entire island to yourself for an intimate vacation & elopement.

Handsculpted Nature Inspired @ Enchanting Horizons – Spring City Tennessee – 2 Guests

Photo of Handsculpted Home – Taken from Airbnb

This beautiful & detailed home in Spring City Tennessee transports you to another land. All of the details that went into this home make for the perfect intimate retreat for you & your honey to tie the knot. Get married next to the beautiful home & spend the rest of the weekend exploring the 30 acres of property this home lives on.

There are SO many cool places to stay & host your intimate events these days, & opting to elope at an Airbnb is an AWESOME option for so many couples. I hope these examples spark your creativity for planning your wedding day & help you to start the planning process! If you’re looking for a photographer to guide you & help you throughout the whole process head to my contact page & let’s start planning!