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Shelby Jane

September 15, 2022

10 Cool Activities for Your Elopement Day Guests

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When it comes to an elopement there is so much to love. The intimate setting, the flexibility & freedom you have when planning, & how personal everything is to the two of you just to name a few. Being able to create a unique day centered around your love for one another with just a small group of guests to join you is such an incredible experience, but it can be tough to find fun things to do with your guests outside of your ceremony. That’s why I put this list together of 10 activities that are perfect for you & your elopement guests to take part in during your big day!

1. Wine Tastings or Beer Tastings

Having your elopement at a brewery or winery is a super fun & unique experience to have with your closest friends & family on your elopement day.  Many breweries & wineries also serve food making it an all-inclusive event & so fun for you & your guests. Even if you don’t end up having your elopement at a winery or brewery, heading to one for part of your day makes for a great activity for you & your guests.

2. Games Night

Planning your elopement with your family & friends at an Airbnb or somewhere with a yard?  Bring along some games to incorporate into your day.  Bags, giant jenga, charades, beer pong, or other fun & interactive games & activities really make for a fun way to enjoy yourself with your elopement guests. 

3. Take a Hike

This is for couples who are keeping things small but want to go somewhere epic for their elopement, go for a hike with you & your guests!  Use apps like alltrails to determine the difficulty of various hikes & decide what scenic view might be best for your day.  Remember that if you are planning to elope in a national park, many have a specific list of ceremony sites for where you can actually elope and bring guests. 

4. Go Out on a Boat

Rent a boat with your closest family & friends & celebrate your elopement on the water!  Whether you’re having your ceremony on the boat or taking it out after this is such a fun activity for you & your guests on your elopement day. Take the boat out close to sunset & enjoy closing the day out with your favorite people with you on the water.

5. Pool Day

Rent an Airbnb with your closest family & friends that has a pool!  Spend your evening getting married, sipping drinks & ending the night out in the water. A day or evening by the pool is such a fun way to spend an elopement day. You can relax & sip drinks by the poolside, play games with your friends in the water, tan & chat with your friends next to the pool, whatever you are feeling!

6. Welcome Party

For out of town guests one of my favorite activities is to plan a welcome party the night before your elopement day.  Fire up the grill & then grab some of your favorite foods & drinks to enjoy with your guests. Being able to spend time & catch up before your elopement day is great for friends & family you don’t see as often.

7. Plan a Potluck

Having a local elopement?  Make it a family event!  Elope at the county courthouse & then invite your closest family & friends over for an epic family dinner.  Merge your favorite meals from both sides of your family & enjoy an evening, eating your favorite meals, & spending time with your favorite people.

8. Have a Catered Picnic

Plan a picnic somewhere epic & then use a local picnic/events company to do all the work for you.  This is such a great activity for those that want to enjoy their elopement day outdoors with their friends & family without needing to go for a hike. Create a beautiful & effortless experience, search (your state) picnic company to check out some local options or companies in the destination you plan to elope in, otherwise you can search for intimate wedding planners in the state you plan to elope in for assistance!

9.  Tour Your Favorite Places

One of my personal favorite activities for your elopement day is taking your closest friends & family out to your favorite spots on your day!  Tour your favorite bars & restaurants bar crawl style by renting a trolley for your elopement afternoon, & then finish off the night relaxing at your favorite park looking up at the stars to cap off your elopement day.

10. Take a Vacation

Have friends & family scattered all throughout the US?  Opt for a destination elopement!  Invite all your loved ones to your favorite place on earth for an extended weekend celebration. While this activity might not be doable for everyone if you’re able to make it happen for your elopement day it is SUCH an incredible experience!

There are so many fun & exciting activities that you can include to make your elopement day something truly special for you & those you care about most. If you’re looking to include some of these ideas into your own elopement & you need a photographer then head over to my contact page. I’d love to hear from you & help you plan out your elopement day!