hey there, i'm Shelby your photog

& I tell real stories..

Your photos last forever, the flowers, cake, food, and decorations won’t. The hugs between your grandparents, the kiss on the cheek from dad, the wild speech that your sister gave. It all needs to be documented. I’m here for you because these moments only happen once, and they are never repeated. On the best day of your life, you deserve an amazing experience along with beautiful photos and I’d be honored to capture it all for you.

& How I got into photography

First things first, it’s on my bucket list to visit all the national parks, so if you’re planning to elope in one I’d love to capture it. I have a huge passion for traveling! I actually just got engaged to my fiancé Ryan in Alaska, which is our favorite place to visit. We bought our first home that we’re fixing up to create our dream farm house, and hopefully one day we have our own chickens and animals running around. I also have a crazy husky named Molly, if you can’t tell I love animals so if you are ever curious if you should bring them to your sessions the answer is always YES.

Get to know me

Get to know me so you can feel connected

Get to know & understand me

My goal is to make sure you are very comfortable in front of my camera. I know sometimes it can feel like a stressful process, but I strive to make sure it’s a fun and enjoyable one. My photography journey all started in the third grade when I would take photos of my dog, and it kind of grew from there. As time went by I started to understand the importance of documenting any memory I can, because one day that special person or your childhood pet won't be there. Other than our memories, photos are all we have left.

My goals / My why

Get to know me so you can feel connected

A few fun Facts about me

01. I'm a Leo and an Enneagram 8. I won't shy away from sharing opinions

02.  Ryan and I love trying new coffee places and going antiquing on days off

03. I have a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a focus on event planning from Purdue University.

04. I love being outside and always find an excuse to go for a walk or hike

Travel schedule 2024


- Spain March TBD 2024

- Spain April TBD 2024

- Colorado May 2024

- Cincinnati May 2024

- Puerto Rico June 2024

- Midwest July 2024

-- Midwest August 2024

- Midwest September 2024

- California October 2024

- Midwest November 2024

- Midwest December 2024

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